About the Author

Hello. My name is David Parlin and the site that you are visiting right now is basically what I do when I get bored of doing everything else.

I used to live under the delusion that I would build a Grand Photography Showcase Site where I would one day post updated photos on a regular basis so that anyone in the world could stop by once in a while and see what I had been capturing recently. I even spent the time to build not just one but two different “automated” photo-site generation systems. In the end I found, much to my chagrin, that no matter how fancy or “automatic” my site generation tools were, they just couldn’t get me to keep the site updated on any kind of regular basis. How could this be???

After quite a bit of introspection, I discovered that the real reason that I don’t do a very good job at updating my site on a regular basis is very simple: I am lazy. Even after hearing this from countless people througout my entire life, I found this to be an amazing revelation. All of this time I had been blaming myself for not being more punctual with regular site updates, but it wasn’t my fault at all! I am simply activity-challenged.

In an effort to try and find a solution to this conundrum, I stumbled across the world of ‘blogs (or weblogs) that had been slowly taking hold of the Internet. I had heard of them, of course, and even read a couple; but I had never bothered to really look into why people found them so interesting. One of the things that many (most?) of the ‘blogs have in common is that they are updated on a fairly regular basis with lots of short (usually meaningless) blurbs of text. “Hey!”, I thought, “Even an activity-challenged individual like myself can manage that.”

So here I am, writing the first text for my own ‘blog. Only time will tell if this new approach to updating my site will result in something resembling regular updates.

In any case, I would love to hear what you think of the site (and if you had any problems using it… I have managed to test the site under half-a-dozen different browsers, but there are many more out there). If you have any questions or thoughts, email me at david@parlin.org or add comments to the guestbook

Site Technical Details

Most people that are visiting don’t care about any of this information. If you are among that 99.9% of the population then you can stop reading now. Really… I mean it.

You’re still reading? Well, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. If in reading the next paragraph the question “What in the heck is he talking about?” comes to mind, please read the previous paragraph. Thank you.

This site is hosted at Pair Networks on a server running FreeBSD. I am also using the Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL. Finally, on top of this platform I am using the Textpattern content management system to run pretty much the entire site. All of my development and testing at home is done on Mac OS X (you’ve just gotta love it’s heart of Unix) running all of the same software that I listed above in addition to Python (for client-side scripting), BBEdit, Fireworks, and DreamWeaver.

Thanks for visiting!

David Parlin