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Subscribe to the site · 27 April 04

I now have the site subscription service up and running. If you are interested in being notified about articles and photos that are posted to the site, then just link your favorite RSS-feed client to either of the links to the left (either RSS or Atom, depending on what your software supports).

What is RSS? RSS and Atom are two different standards for publishing news “headlines” on the Internet. There are many software applications out there (and even some Internet services) that support aggregation of these news feeds. Basically, you tell these applications what news feeds you are interested in and they will collect these headlines and let you know when there are updates that you might be interested in. My favorite subscription “reader” is NetNewsWire, but I have heard that some people out there actually run an operating system known as Windows™??? Sorry, guys… the best software for RSS is Mac OS X only.